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Easy Apple Crisp Recipe

For those who know my family and I, they know we all have a pretty intense sweet tooth. Baking with my kids since they were old enough to stand on a chair at the counter, has been something that I have always done on a regular basis. So much so, that my oldest daughter’s dream job is to own her own bakery one day so she can continue to make fancy cakes. Yes, we bake sweets, but I also try to incorporate lots of healthy snacks as well, like muffins, “healthy-ish” cookies, and protein balls. We are no strangers to food allergies and intolerances in our family so we have always had to edit recipes to meet our individual needs. This was one of the big reasons why we started baking so much in the first place, since it was not always easy to grab a “to-go” snack at the grocery store.

I thought it would be fun to start sharing the recipes we have worked on and created over the years and revisit some favorites we have not made in a while. A little break once in a while from the regular “real estate” blog posts I have been creating. Let’s have some fun!

It is apple picking season and the apples have been dropping off our tree at record speed this September, so this is our main go to recipe right now for a little treat or quick dessert.

I am really not a fan of following a recipe when there are lots of steps or bowls involved. One bowl recipes are definitely a favorite of ours…the least amount of dishes used the better! This recipe does involve two mixing bowls and a baking dish however, you could reduce a bowl by doing your apple chunk mix right in the baking dish.

Follow the below directions & enjoy!!

This dish is so yummy served with frozen vanilla yogurt or ice cream! Enjoy!

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